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When it comes to our national security — Mark Kirk refuses to play partisan politics and allow risky people to obtain weapons.

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3 hours ago

My latest medium post on the critical steps to prevent Gitmo detainees from returning to terrorism:

6 hours ago

I'm disgusted by latest whistleblower reports from Hines VA. Our veterans deserve the best.

10 hours ago

Thank you to #TeamKirk for your help in getting us past our April fundraising goal! Your support means the world. #ilsen

1 day ago

My latest medium post on the conflict between Azerbaijan and NKR: #ilsen

1 day ago

Get the #TeamKirk $15 pre-store hat deal until midnight tonight: #ilsen

1 day ago

Iran needs to clean up their act before we provide them access to the US dollar: #ilsen

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WASHINGTON – Sen. Mark Kirk R-Ill. and his rival Rep. Tammy Duckworth D-Ill., are in a statistical tie, according to a new Kirk poll, with Duckworth slightly ahead, a chunk of voters undecided and Kirk’s…

April 3, 2016 | Quad City Times

Editorial: Mark Kirk Might Be Grassley’s Undoing

U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk on Tuesday might have lit the fuse that breaches Sen. Chuck Grassley’s fortress of obstruction-at-all-cost. Political survival likely played a part in Kirk’s meeting with Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. Kirk’s…

In light of​ the Supreme Court’s decision to reject former Governor Rod Blagojevich’s conviction appeal, Kirk For Senate campaign manager Kevin Artl has released the following statement: “When former Gov. Rod Blagojevich was under federal investigation for…

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